All about me and what jangles my bag of beans :P

Well, I guess this is me!
I have been wanting to start a blog for like EVER but never got round to it. Life always gets in the way, which is not a bad thing I guess! 
My life to date? I lived in Greece for 14 years roughly and am now back in UK, (not) enjoying the British summer at all and longing for the Greek 'paralies'. I will post some piccies from my various locations and places to have them here when I need to see them. I loved Greece but the economy made it impossible to consider living there forever, which is what I had thought I'd end up doing....
So, yes, UK. Been searching for a job for over a year now. At first I was all wanting to get back into Art teaching but that was soon obviously not going to happen so I tried for D&T (ughh I hate the chaos, noise and basic DANGER of working with 35 kids in a bloody workshop!)
No luck. So I began to think..ANYTHING will do! In the meantime I moved in with Jon after getting engaged after a month (!) We live in an old cottage at the back of an old pub. Two up, two down and pretty spooky at times. We've had a few foul months of being desperately poor and getting on each other's nerves a bit but things are looking up as far as me (it looks like!) getting a special business allowance so I get our Art business set up properly. 

We're actually called: 
Birds Become Fishes~art, magic & therapy for the soul
We can do personal, bespoke designs for any occasion with paintings, art prints, greetings cards and even Jewellery. We will also be offering children's wall murals as these can be extremely healing, comforting and educational. We will be using eco~friendly paint of course as well as 100% recycled materials in our cards. I am developing many Yule/Christmas items, my main feature being healing gift sets using crystal healing and angel images.
Please visit our website:

I've just opened a Folksy shop:
and of course I have the Facebook page:

Here's a video I made of my prints:

As a Pagan, I believe that we should all try and make each other's lives beautiful. If I can do that with my art then I'm a happy chicken! The idea came about when I started keeping a quote book, as I love them, they inspire me. I thought, wouldn't it be nice if I could carry my favourites around with me.....? That's where the bookmark idea/wallet card came art work with quotes for inspiration on them....then the Greetings cards starting selling. All in all my themes are Nature, Angels and anything Mystical.
Next Summer we are having a Handfasting Ceremony, hopefully in an ancient stone circle. Unfortunately due to this kind of ceremony not being legal yet in this country we'll have to have a Civil Ceremony as well. I wish we lived in Ireland! (It's legal there).
So there's me in short. Oh yes, have I mentioned my Greek cat, Pepper and our little bunny Pooki? :)

and me and Jony .....