Friday, July 29, 2011

Some photos of me....I DO work, REALLY! I had to wait for some paint to dry.....:)

So, I'm designing some Pagan Yule Cards, a market much needed and in demand by what I can see. Me and John are really into the ideas presented by the Zeitgeist movie (2007) which talked about how Christian religion (and many others) have created the images, ideas and stories about Jesus and Christmas/Easter from the ancients and their relationship to the SUN. Please take a look at the Zeitgeist film, it really is thought provoking and poses many many questions, revealing many possible explanations as to how we have come to recognize and (mis)use symbols such as the cross. 
Zeitgeist, The Movie~ Religion

Saturday, July 16, 2011

TFI the weekend!

I love Saturdays...despite the fact that it's cleaning day. My weekdays have become manic, but in a confused way as I've got so much to do that I can't seem to focus long enough to decide WHAT I should do FIRST. It's raining and least there's not that pressure to be out in the park basking in the sun and getting a tan. It's my first summer in the UK for 12 years and I am missing the Greek sea and sun, although my mum pointed out that I would complain all the time about being too hot when I was there!
In the process of starting up my own business (with Jony later on as a partnership). It's a minefield of legal issues, financial forecasts, research (liking that bit!), spreadsheets, meetings with business advisers AND the creative side. I haven't actually created anything new for weeks on end, (which seems to defeat the object of why I'm going into business) due to all this need to get to grips with basic MATHS! I know I've got a hell of a lot to learn, but I'm getting there. Creativity will have to come in its own time, at least I've got a catalogue of cards (about 30 designs) so now I need to PROMOTE! I agreed with the adviser that my first priority is to get some retailers on board so that's what I'm doing....well, trying! Got a list of new age/mystic/pagan stores to email....this weekend though it's cleaning out the baby rabbit, trying to feed a baby bird that my cat, Pepper  'retreived' from the floor (not good) and spending some time with Jony. Hopefully a bit of wine as well tonight.
 Meanwhile, here's the link to my Facebook Site of artiness....:) Hope peeps like it!