Monday, January 16, 2012

New Healing Silver & Crystal bracelet~ beat depression and get creative!

This bracelet has been designed to encourage fertility and creativity while healing emotional trauma and releasing depression.
It is made of sterling silver wire which I have shaped lovingly to give four decorative elements. These are threaded onto five decorative and functional elements which have three types of crystal chip attached.

Crystals work best when kept next to the skin as the skin absorbs the crystal's energies.
Rhodonite, the pinky crystal, is known as the 'first aid' crystal, healing emotional trauma and releasing feelings of bitterness, anger and depression. 

Carnelian, the brown/beige crystal, is said to aid fertility by increasing inner receptivity. It also facilitates concentration and balances creativity, so is perfect for meditation of any kind, but especially when wanting to become pregnant.

Flourite, the pale green crystal, is said to have a harmonising effect as it balances the nervous system. It is used widely in meditation as it improves focus and opens up intuition. Perfect when you feel unbalanced emotionally.

This bracelet also has sterling silver fluted Rombo beads and a silver Carabiner clasp.

I am working on a 'Fertility Gift Set' in which this bracelet will be included. The sets will consist of a Greetings card taken from my original painting of the Norse Goddess of Fertility, the bracelet, an affirmation card to carry in a wallet or purse and a Chrysophrase crystal upon which to meditate, which is a wonderful aid to fertility and creativity.

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