Thursday, November 22, 2012

Casey's Blog

Yes, so I have written a short story for teenage readers called 'Abandoned'. It's about a girl called Casey who is a bit of a loner,doesn't get on with her parents and doesn't wish to make friends with people unless they look right. In other words, they have to be grungy and listen to rock music to be what she thinks as cool. Her life changing journey begins when she finds her punk rag doll under her bed. It leads her to an abandoned house in the woods that hides a terrible secret and a handsome rocker boy who teachers her the error of her judgemental ways. It's spooky, romantic (but not in the typical teenage girl style), emotional and mysterious with a clever plot and twist near the end. 
I would recommend it for readers of about 14-16, but I have had very positive feedback from 18 year olds and 30 year olds as well.

Here is the front cover that I designed myself:

Here is the link to Amazon where you can purchase it for Kindle devices.
You can read the first two chapters for free!

If you haven't got a Kindle device, I can send you a copy of the story either as a Word Document or a PDF file. 
Please email me by clicking here
It costs £2.55 and can be payable through PAYPAL or by cheque.

Although Casey is a fictional character, she has got her own Blog on Wordpress. You can follow her now as she discusses college, style, films, books, art and loads of other teenage issues, as well as  learning to come to terms with what happened to her over the summer holidays. Read her thoughts about Lee and how she feels about him being away in London. Her blog is live and anyone can leave a comment for her.

I am currently planning my next novel as Casey continues to battle with her dark side, her feelings for Lee and tries to find her place in the world and become a better person.
Expect jealousy, passion, dark dreams, ghostly apparitions, abandoned buildings, love, mind games and another horrific twist!