Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Casey has got a Blog and I'm loving it! I love Casey so much, she's so full of contradictions and teen angst, but on the other hand quite sensible and mature for her age. She has issues; she is a loner and can't make friends easily. She doesn't trust people and knows that she needs to work on that. She adores animals and is a strict vegetarian down to her make~up. She has a deep understanding of the injustices in the world and has her passions about the environment and Human rights. She doesn't like to discuss feelings and that's why she's trying to get her head and heart around the 'Lee issue' on her own.
Interested? Please read her Blog. She is at home ill at the moment, as I am, and would like to hear from readers, I'm sure!

And here is where it all began!

Happy conversing!