Friday, April 25, 2014

Abandoned. My first book for Young Readers has been published on LULU

I have received the sample book print from LULU for my first book for young readers 'Abandoned'. It needs some tweaking (front cover issues) but looking good so far. I will post more details when it's ready for sales:

As you can see the title is a little too large for the area of the book. 

I like how the back cover came out. It looks darker than the actual colours. When I sample it for the final design, it will have the ISBN bar code on it.

The inside text looks great but I want to add more hand drawn images and personal touches by Casey.

This is what the front cover should look like

This is the sequel which I am working on now. 

I will post when the book Abandoned is available on LULU
It will be priced £4.50 + P&P

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