Monday, September 12, 2011

Read all about it! Birds Become Fishes first FREE GIFT GIVEAWAY promotion!

Good Afternoon to all moondrops! It's a rainy, windy day here in Staffordshire, UK so I thought I should cheer everyone up by 'informally' announcing our little prize draw which will be taking place very soon. 
We've got 5 prizes up for grabs, all of them are either already available to buy in our shop, or will be available to buy after this draw. So don't worry your pretty heads if you don't manage to get your paws on something free this time around. 
These prizes are NOT old stock or things we can't sell, we just thought it would be a nice idea to get our name out there a bit now that we've got a website so peeps can see our work 'in the flesh' and appreciate how well made it all is and always with all our love and positivity!
So, here's the list:
  • 3 prizes of PHOTO MAGNETS. These are cool because they are the size of classic photos (4x6 inches) and stick to anything magnetic. Yes, like a fridge! The three winners will get to choose which of our images they would like on the photo magnet. (normal price £3.50 each).
  • 1 prize; 3 PACK OF PRINTED CARDS. Choose 3 images to be printed in our simple format. (normal price £4.50).
  • 1 prize; 5 PACK OF ART POSTCARDS. Choose 5 images to be sent to you as art postcards which can be sent to friends and loved ones, or framed. (normal price £5).
So, there's the list! How do you enter?
Well, I don't know if anyone has noticed the poor little Page called 'Tell a Friend'? It's desperately lonely and looking a bit pathetic so I thought we should plump its ego a bit! 
If you'd like to enter, go to the page and fill in the form. We will need your name and email address, (which we will NEVER display on the site or anywhere else, your privacy matters!) and you recommend a friend to our site. 
After the 'end' of the time for entering, we will randomly select 5 names (probably from my woolie hat) and those people will be contacted via email. They will give us the image codes of their preference and their postal address so we can send them their prize.
Sound good?
I will announce the starting date and time and the last day and time very soon. It's not 'first come, first served' so don't worry if you're not in the first 5. That's not a fair system! 
Please go to our Facebook Page and LIKE it if you haven't already as I will also be announcing the date on there:
Birds Become Fishes on Facebook
Blessed Be my dew drops, and have a great week! 
Here's our website link: