Sunday, December 4, 2011

New images for Angel Healing Pendants (part 1)

Hey all, hope your weekend has been full of laughter and relaxation. 
I've been finishing off some designs (or mini paintings) for my 'Angel Healing Wearable Art' collection.
The first four are dry. I've done 7 Archangel designs and then I will have one design representing Frigga, the Norse Goddess of Fertility and Divination. I think we can all relate to Her, She's THE life force of creation!
Through my research, I have found that there is a huge interest in Angels out there. I myself have had positive, personal experiences with my own Guardian Angel and it has lead me to believe that these forces are truly ones that are all around us, guiding, protecting and offering life reforming energies that we can all tap into despite our particular religious beliefs.
These pendants are going to be set in resin and attached to cord so they can be worn on the body as both decorative and spiritual pieces.
Here are the first four images. I will be setting them in resin this week. 


 Key Word ''Joy''. Other associations: love, comfort, uplifting, healing, emotional balance, anti-stress.
Colours that radiate Chamuel's energy: red, orange, pink, silver.


Key Word ''Beauty''. Other associations: art and artistic pursuits, ideas, inspiration and energy, connection to spirit.
Colours that radiate Jophiel's energy: pink, blue and silver.


Key Word ''Strength''. Other associations: protection, courage, truth, integrity, detoxing.
Colours that radiate Michael's energy: red, bright blue, silver.


Key Word ''Healer''. Other associations: Love, tenderness, compassion, safe travel and comfort.
Colours that radiate Raphael's energy: green, blue, yellow.

The images are representational of Angels' wings and halo with radiance of colour flowing from the centre. 
Each colour scheme is my own interpretation of each Angel's essence, for example in the above design, healing and comfort, green suggests healing and blue comfort and calm.

I really hope that one or more of them draw you in! Think about what you need in your life the most and choose your Angel image so that you can carry around that energy as you go about your daily life. I am sure that you will begin to feel the Angelic vibes!!!!