Sunday, December 4, 2011

New images for Angel Healing Pendants (part 2)

Here are the next 3 Archangel designs, and the final one representing Frigga.
Please keep an eye on my Online Shop as the finished pendants will be on sale this week!


Archangel Ariel~ Key Word 'Energising''. Other associations: Nature Spirits, energy, courage, playfulness, innocence.
Colours that radiate Ariel's energy: green, orange, red, silver.


Archangel Gabriel~ Key Word ''Inspiration''. Other associations: predictions, action, fertility, confidence, dreams, dispelling negativity.
Colours that radiate Gabriel's energy: purple, green, orange.


Archangel Zadkeil~ Key Word ''Mind Power''. Other associations: cleansing, detox, mental agility, intellect, memories.
Colours that radiate Zadkeil's energy: blue, white, silver.


Figga, Fertliity Goddess~ Key Word ''Fertility''. Other associations: creativity, love, divination, all encompassing energy.
Colours that radiate Figga's energy: red, brown, orange, yellow.

These designs will be much smaller than they seem pictured here, but they'll be set in resin, which gives a magnifying effect, emphasising the details.

Have a great week everyone!
Warm Hugz and Blessings,