Monday, October 3, 2011

Wishing you all a Happy Hippy October...this is what we're up to this month

I love October.

Firstly it's my birthday month- but I don't really wish to remember the fact that I'm another year older and that ANOTHER year has literally wizzed by my face with hardly any recollection of it! It's because I love it when I know Libra is in the sun phase. Makes me feel like it's my time to shine. Plus the weather is phenomenal here in UK at the moment so that kind of makes it even more joyous!
Most of all I love it for ALL HALLOW'S EVE or Halloween as it's weirdly better known to all! Spooky times and lots of meditating with candles! Going outside for that midnight walk! BUT! Trying to explain to people what the REAL meaning of the celebration is.......ANNOYING. I will be writing a whole seperate blog on this subject very soon along with a little promo for my Hallow's Eve cards that will be available in my online shop:
Birds Become Fishes Online Shop 
So, just as an 'October Opening' blog, this is what I've done lately regarding arty crafty stuff!

Butterflies from Towards the Heavens painting~using digital camera


 As I no longer have use of my mobile phone cam, which I always thought took the BEST photos, I am back to using my little Sony digital. MUCH better than what I remembered!

I will be listing these designs in the SHOP very soon. Meanwhile, if you want to see all of the colour range, please visit my Facebook Page:

Ideas for All Hallow's Eve Cards

My thoughts about this are:
I don't like stereotypical, recycled, shallow images. Halloween is generally thought of as witches, ghosts and ghouls which is fine because that's what (in very simple terms) Hallow's Eve is about. BUT it is also about connecting and communicating with our ancestors and family members who have passed away, seeking their advice and allowing spiritual messages to come through. So, what better symbol of a spirit fleetingly visiting the land of the living, than a butterfly?
The light is shining through the flight path of the butterflies, illuminating the midnight hour in a shimmering glow of enlightenment.
It has a moody, almost eerie atmosphere, but it's not frightening.
Other ideas for All Hallow's Cards to come. They will be available in the SHOP.
Birds Become Fishes Online Shop 


Some odds and ends that I'm still deciding what to do about:

 Angel of the night sky, from a painting I did a year ago. it's a mixed media piece with more detail than shown here. This is the best feature I think, the face. The wings are beautiful too:


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as to whether this could be a card, or something else...........?

Look out for my next blog: All Hallow's Eve; the real celebration!

Blessed Be to all