Sunday, November 27, 2011

Free Online Art Tutorials now available!

So I've finally done it!
As promised I have uploaded Parts 1 and 2 of my first Free Tutorial Series.
They can be viewed on my website:

Learn how I made this monkey:

Take some time to read the supply list underneath the video in Part 1, then you'll be ready to start!

Please be gentle on me, it's my first attempt...
Oh, and I know that a) the cam is too far away (there's nothing I can do! I've tried!) and b) that I'm always saying ''Ok'' and ''erm'' (you don't realise until you actually see yourself.)
I'm sorry! I'm going to try and NOT say these rambly things! 

Please do leave comments about it (not too rude please or there'll be tears!)

Please keep checking back because I'll be uploading more and more. 

Lots of love and Hugz