Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New products for Christmas/Yuletide. Gift Tags!

(Please note: As for November 2012, all my Yuletide/Christmas products will be available from my Etsy Shop. Please CLICK HERE)

Good afternoon or evening (or even morning) to all my readers. It's really freezing in my little house today and my hands are cold (typing fast helps thaw them out!) but I've been creatin'!

Please take a look at this pack of gift tags.
There are 10 in a pack, 5 of which have the message 'Merry Yule' and 5 which have the message 'Joy'.

Each tag is decorated with sparkly glitter and has a lovely silky red thread attached for easy attachment to your gifts. 

The envelope is also hand made by me and contains the tags and protects them until you need to use them. A red ribbon is attached to keep the envelope secure. It's still a few weeks to Christmas so they can be stored safely.


My fiance and I have created this beautiful 2 layered butterfly. We painted the butterfly design and then printed it out different sizes onto gloss photo paper. 

The butterflies also look great framed. We will be showing you what it looks like in such a frame and we will offer them framed as well.
We think it's fabulous and we will be producing a variety of colour schemes.
Please email me BY CLICKING HERE to order a Butterfly card.

Please keep checking our link, or look out for the next blog post.
Keep Warm and Cosy, Blessings!