Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UPDATE! These are all on sale now from Etsy and our Online Shop

Hello everyone,
I do hope you are well and getting ready for a great Yule Celebration! Of course it's Winter Solstice first on my calendar, I hope you are considering buying some of my unique Winter 
Solstice Greetings cards?

I must apologise, as it seems that I'm always plugging my work! I am, it's true (ashamed, a bit...), but I promise that once all my wares are listed, I'm going to be doing a LOT more free 
stuff such as the arts and crafts tutorials online. I can't wait to start those!
So, here are the new items. 
First up...ART PRINTS.
You have seen some of them before:
I have revamped some of the designs using 3D paint and glitter gel. Sparkly and magical!

 These are now available in my Etsy Shop:

Now, for the new Christmas /Yuletide Card Collection:
'Silver Magic'

These are available individually or in packs. Please visit:

In the next blog, there will be a couple more promo items and THEN.....

freebies!!!! :)

Now, lastly, I am going to be awarding (if that's the right term?) all my current FACEBOOK fans 10% off their first order at Birds Become Fishes.
If you would like to receive this promotion offer (just in time for Yule shopping!) please head over to my Facebook Page and clicky clicky! 

See you all soon! 
Bright Blessings and positive vibes,