Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ethnic inspired hand sewn fabric wallet pouch with notebook

This is a very versatile piece, made of reclaimed fabric scraps and cardboard off cuts. 
It can be used to carry your mobile phone, business cards, passport & travel tickets, keys, crystals and pen/pencil. Of course, the compartments can be used for whatever you prefer to carry at the time and whatever fits! I carry a pouch of Lavender in the sequin pocket to help me relax, alongside my chakra crystals in case I need them throughout the day. 
A small notebook is included in the wallet.
This wallet is completely hand sewn by me, and great care has been taken in making it sturdy and well finished to withstand the bumps and blows of life in a handbag!
Please do not put this in the washing machine as it contains cardboard off cuts. Simply clean with a cloth and a small amount of washing powder if very stained.
Size when opened: 23cm x 16cm
Size when closed: 11cm x 16cm 
Width allowance for ease of closure: 2cm approx

Please note: This is a one-off piece, never to be reproduced but I am happy to take made to order. I use unwanted fabrics from friends and family as well as charity shop finds, so I can email fabric samples and we can discuss your preferences that way!

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