Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New painting started~ Ondine, fairy of the Water

She's the Wiccan manifestation of the element of Water.
Her name is Ondine

I am painting her as part of my new set of Oracle cards.
'Elemental Angels'
A set of cards with the Elements as the Major Arcana and then the many attributes of each Element as the Minor Arcana.
There will be initially 30 cards.
But there will be more available to add to the set in the future. The more you have, the more in depth your readings will be.
The cards are for positive affirmations only. The 'negative' aspects of each card will be there as light warnings or gentle suggestions of how you can improve or develop your character or outlook.
I will include affirmations from my own intuitive responses to each card.
This is the basic background of the WATER Element card so far.

I 'sploshed' blue ink, acrylic paint and metallic paint onto one side of my sketchbook and closed it up. When I opened it, the acrylic paint, which is very thick, had reacted with the other thinner media, creating 'feather~like' wing textures. Try it!
For the Water Element, I needed specific colours so I scanned the wings in and enhanced the colours using a simple photo package.
I will do this to get the right colours for the other four elements.
I simply cut them out along the natural shape of the wing formations and lay them where I wanted on the background.

Watch this space as I progress!